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Spindle Box With 45 Spindles

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Two wooden boxes of five compartments each with the numerals 0-9 printed above each compartment.


Constitute two of the same style of wooden boxes and 45 spindle rod. Each wooden box divided into five grid in the space provided on the printed order of the number .one side is 0-4, on the other side 5-9. Moreover, it needs to bloom spindle rod finishing small wooden boxes and 8 rubber bands
45 spindle rods are mounted on the printed numbers 0-9 beech inside the box. The corresponding figures place the corresponding number of the spindle rod. Spindle rod length: 14.5cm
High-grade imported wood (beech), safety and environmental protection paint, surface treatment.
The white box


1 Understand the 1-9 number, numbers, names corresponding relationship.
2 Understand the concept of 0; perception is empty.

3 Understand the concept of continuous quantity.
4 Penetration of the concept of the collection

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Dimensions: packing size:210.6*7.6*4.7in

Weight: 2.5lb

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